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Welcome to Flip Out Inc., your one-stop shop for custom-embroidered flip-flops,
athletic slides & ear muffs!
Look no further as we are your final solution for top-notch
services at reasonable rates that will enhance your cause.

Flip Out Inc. is regarded as being one of the top manufactures of the finest custom-made logo flip-flops, athletic sandals and earmuffs! We provideClick Here customers with first-class service at a discount rate and pride ourselves in giving our customers excellent service with a special touch by providing them with personalized items such as embroidered straps and screen-printed soles. Kids and adults throughout the world wear flip-flops on a regular basis. So when we make custom flip-flops and athletic slides for your fundraising event, we know it will be put to good use as well as supporting a good and noble cause.   

We are a leader in school fundraising initiatives where our custom-made products are often sold to students in order to strengthen the community and school spirit. Flip Out Inc. is proud to admit that it has a great track record in successfully generating funds for all the schools it has partnered in the past, present and future.

Besides working with schools, we also design custom sandals for many non-profit organizations such as American Cancer Society, TNT, March of Dimes, American Red Cross and Boys and Girls Club of America. We also cater to businesses, corporations and charity events.    

Flip Out Inc. has an excellent team of representatives who are ready to assist you with the ordering and designing of your personalized flip-flops and athletic sandals. Our client consultations are designed to be simple, easy and to-the-point so that we are living up to our expectations in providing excellent services at affordable rates. In addition to our great prices, we promise that there are no hidden fees throughout the process of doing business with us. Our setup, shipping, logo designs and custom-made mock images are included in our pricing.

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Please take a minute and review some of our recent work. We look forward to creating your very
own custom-embroidered flip-flop sandals and athletic slides that will help support your cause!

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